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Good Men made into better-looking men. Proud and loud through these shirts, all conceptualized by brother Gene Illenberger; and each one veiled in allegory and illustrated in the symbols of our beloved brotherhood. 

FRATSHIRT is not your typical "just put a logo on it and print" clothing company of years past that we have purchased from during our annual communications and conventions. We have helped evolve how the brethen expect their fratshirts to be:  well thought out design, superbly crafted and top of the line. We believe we have gained a reputation for quality and relevance in our Fraternity. A reputation earned and not given, a reputation we have, through the brethren's help and inspiration, crafted with brotherly love. 

Yes our shirts are good and sublime (the brethen deserve no less) but we believe it is the brethen that makes fratshirt better. Thus we are committed to making you feel good and look good while improving yourselves through the fraternity. Thank you for supporting... 

FRATSHIRT. A badge of greatness on every sleeve™